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Mordor Testnet Launch

Afri Schoedon
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Mordor Testnet Launch
Mordor Testnet Launch

State of the Ethereum Classic Testnets Summary

There are a massive number of Ethereum Classic testnets.

  • --morden
    • 2015 Genesis with Ethereum
    • Ethash Proof-of-Work
    • 2016 issues with Starting Nonce 2**20
    • 2017 Ethereum Foundation abandoned it
    • 2017 Morden Classic
    • not supported by Multi-Geth
  • --kotti
    • 2018 Genesis
    • Clique Proof-of-Authority
    • Görli Testnet Initiative
    • The first Cross Client PoA network with EVM capability
    • https://stats.kotti.goerli.net/
    • not supported by Geth Classic
  • --astor
    • 2019 Genesis
    • SHA3 Proof-of-Work
    • No client support
    • Experimental testnet
  • --kensington
    • 2019 Genesis
    • Ethash Proof-of-Work
    • Görli Testnet Initiative & ChainSafe
    • Ad-Hoc testing of Atlantis
    • Morden - Starting Nonce = Kensington
    • All-clients support
  • --nazgul
    • 2019 Genesis
    • Ethash Proof-of-Work
    • Görli Testnet Initiative & Whiteblock
    • Stress-testing of Atlantis
    • Temporary testnet

Remove ETC Testnet Redundancies

Mordor Testnet Launch Video


  • 2019 Genesis
  • Ethash Proof-of-Work
  • Replaces Morden, Kensington, Nazgul
  • Supported by all clients
  • No Premine, No Presale, Fair launch!
Mordor Testnet Launch
Mordor Testnet Launch
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